Forgive Like A Kid

Contributed by Tehniya

Holding onto families

You know how every night you sleep, promising yourself to be a better parent?
Gentle parenting.
Mindful parenting.
Techniques & strategies.
We aim to apply ALL the literature we have read over the week on the internet.
But you also know what actually happens, right?
Literally 15 minutes into the day, and you’re ‘momzilla’ already.
Ahhh I’m not made for this, not today.
And repeat.
Another day, same story.
However, have you ever noticed how forgiving kids actually are?
You can be extremely unreasonable with them, take out the entire day’s frustration on them, be unnecessarily controlling, even reprimand them when it wasn’t actually needed.
Do they hold grudges forever? Do they vow to hurt you back equally? Do they pray to Allah to take revenge on their behalf?
One smile, one hug, one ‘bribe’, one guilty sorry and wooooshhhh it’s like nothing ever happened.
Imagine if adults were like that. So quick to forgive. Such crystal clear hearts.
Imagine a world where no one said, ‘May Allah punish them for hurting me’, ‘I’ll never forget how they treated me’, ‘I’ll do exactly what they did to me’.
Our hearts are so heavy with the incredible amount of baggage we’ve kept for years and years.
Today, let us also try forgiving like a kid.


  1. Sara Alqera

    Yes we should learn to forgive like a kid but it’s not easy. Kids have a pure heart usually untouched by the brutalities of this life. Whereas Adults are a product of their life’s experiences… yes we should still forgive n forget but sometimes the scars are too deep. Now what I practice and teach the others is the fact that no one is perfect and we should consciously try to focus on the positives than the negatives and our outlook changes on how we treat others. Do everything keeping in mind what you like and what Allah swt would want us to do and forgiveness becomes a little bit easier.

  2. Maryam Motan

    Indeed so correct. May we be as pure hearted

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